The Return of The Bliss List

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here – more than 5 months! If you’ve been following me on Instagram or in my Facebook Community, you may have seen a post from a few months back sharing some big news. If not, then allow me to share it with you now: I’m pregnant!

As of now, I am 23 weeks pregnant which means I am entering my 6 month of pregnancy. Since finding out that I am pregnant, I have experienced a roller coaster of emotions and symptoms. Even though we were trying to get pregnant and this baby is very much wanted and hoped for, I’ve taken these past few months to process my thoughts and feelings and get back to a place where I feel comfortable writing again. 

img_20190228_172735I felt conflicted about talking about my pregnancy on this blog, and that is for a few reasons. The first is that when I set out on this blogging journey, pregnancy and motherhood were not topics I even considered talking about. I had established a history of posts that focused on personal development, goal setting and mental health. I worried that by including posts about my pregnancy I would be deviating from the path I had established. In addition, I didn’t want to alienate any readers who are not parents or had no future plans to become parents. I remember even just a few years ago I had very little interest in the topic and usually breezed past any websites or articles about it. I didn’t want The Bliss List to turn into a “mommy blog” which didn’t feel like myself.

But, not talking about it felt inauthentic. There was now a huge part of myself that was different and it was affecting all areas on my life. Not addressing it was like acting as if everything was the same when in reality, very little felt normal anymore.

So, here I am, 6 months pregnant, and I’m ready to talk about my pregnancy. But, let me be clear: I have no intentions of turning this site into a “pregnancy and mommy blog”. Not that there is anything wrong with those sites, it’s just not the direction I see myself going. Instead, I plan to continue delivering posts that focus on self-care, mental health and personal development. I want to continue providing resources and strategies to help you live your best life. And, I want to empower you to take charge of your life, work through the tough spots and come out the other side stronger, healthier and happier than before. I will continue to share my own story and my experiences, as I have been up until now – that just might include a sprinkling of pregnancy along the way. 

5 Replies to “The Return of The Bliss List”

  1. Congratulations!! As a non-parent with no plans for parenthood, I appreciate the weaving in of one’s own experience into writing and appreciate your approach. We all have both goals and struggles, and sometimes insight into the full picture–achievements, relationships, parenthood, illness, and more–makes the author feel more human and relatable. 🙂


  2. As a new parent you can’t help but re-evaluate what “mental health”, goals and plans are. 🙂 I hope you find a good balance that interests you and your audience will understand as life changes! Glad you are back to writing!


  3. Congratulations!!!! What a wonderful journey!!!! You still can write about pregnancy without becoming a mommy blog. Best wishes!!


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